SM Trips Form

Use the SM Trips form to schedule and track trips for a work order.

Access this form by double-clicking in the Trips grid in SM Work Orders or by double-clicking on a trip in the calendar pane of the SM Dispatch Board.

When a service call is received and the work order set up, you can schedule a trip to the service site, specify the time work is scheduled to start, and time you estimate it will take to complete the work. In addition, you can assign the technician scheduled to perform the work.

Note: If you designated an Assigned Tech for an agreement service (in SM Service), the system automatically creates a single trip here for work orders generated from the agreement service. The Assigned Tech defaults as the technician on the trip, as well as the Lead Tech on the work order.

Once you add a trip here, it is automatically added to the Dispatch Board for the date and time you specified. You can modify the trip as needed by double-clicking the trip on the Dispatch Board or on the Trips tab of the work order.

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