About Unscheduled/Unassigned Trips

If you are not ready to assign or schedule a trip for a work order, you can can place it on the SM Dispatch Board without assigning it to a technician or a date/time.

Use the Unscheduled and Unassigned columns to place trips that you are not ready to schedule and/or assign to technicians. For example, if you have a trip that has been scheduled with the service site, but you are not sure which technician will be available to take the trip, you can drag-and-drop the trip to the Unassigned column for the specified date on the calendar. Likewise, if you know a specific technician will do the work, but you have not yet scheduled the trip with the service site, you can drag-and-drop the trip into the Unscheduled column for the selected technician. For trips that are not ready to be scheduled or assigned, you can drag-and-drop them to the Unassigned/Unscheduled block on the calendar. Once you are ready to schedule and/or assign the trip, just drag-and-drop it to the appropriate technician and date or time (depending on calendar view selected).
Note: For trips that are 'scheduled but unassigned' or 'unscheduled and unassigned', you will be unable to change the status or send electronic notifications. However, you can open the trips or access the work order, customer, or service site information, as well as create purchase orders.

If you are using the Hourly view, you cannot use the drag-and-drop functionality for trips that are not assigned a Scheduled Start Time or In Progress Time, even if they have a Scheduled Date. If no technician is assigned, you must use SM Trips to enter a Scheduled Start Time or In Progress Time. If a technician is assigned, you can assign a date/time by right-clicking the mouse, selecting In Progress, and then entering the date and/or time in the Trip Date Picker window.