Copy and Assign a Trip

You can copy an existing trip on the dispatch board and assign it to another technician and/or date.

You can copy any trip, whether unassigned, assigned, scheduled, and/or unscheduled, regardless of the trip's status. The system copies all details of the trip (description, details, status, date/time, duration, and technician) to the new trip, which you can then modify as needed.
  1. Open SM Dispatch Board and select the Dispatch Board to work with.
  2. Select the trip to copy on the Dispatch Board.
  3. Right-click on the trip and select Copy Trip.
    The new trip appears below the original trip. If the original trip date was in the past, the new trip will be placed under the current date
  4. Assign the new trip to another date or time slot for the same technician, or assign it to a different technician and date/time slot.