Change the Number of Technicians Displayed on the Dispatch Board

You can change the number of technicians displayed on the Dispatch Board at one time to meet your specific needs.

You will typically only use this feature if you have a large number of technicians associated with a board and displaying them all at one time limits the real estate available for each technician/date.
  1. Open SM Dispatch Board and select the Dispatch Board to work with.
  2. Click Board Options.
    The Options window displays.
  3. In the Visible Technicians field, enter the number of technicians that will be visible on the board at one time. You can also use the up/down arrows to select the appropriate number.
    Note: You should not enter more technicians than are assigned to the board (in SM Dispatch Board Setup). If you do, the system adjusts the number accordingly once you click OK.
  4. Click OK.
The screen automatically refreshes to reflect the specified number of technicians. A scroll bar displays to allow scrolling to non-visible technicians.