Change the Technician Display Order on the Dispatch Board

You can change the order in which technicians appear on a selected Dispatch Board using the SM Dispatch Technician Sorting form.

The SM Dispatch Technician Sorting form allows you to change the sort order of technicians displayed on the Dispatch Board. Initially, technicians are sorted in alphabetic order by last name, first name. However, you can change the sort order to meet your specific needs.

Technicians appear in their current sorted order with ID, Name, and Order columns. Once you make a change to a technician's sort order, the Order column is updated to reflect their current position. This includes the order for all other technicians in the list following the technician you moved. For example, if you move a technician from the first position in the list to the fifth position, that technician's Order becomes "5". In addition, all technicians above position "5" are also updated accordingly (that is, the second technician in the list becomes the first technician, the third technician becomes the second, and so forth).

To change the display order technicians:

  1. Open the SM Dispatch Technician Sorting form (SM > Programs > SM Dispatch Technician Sorting).
  2. In the Dispatch Board field, enter the SM board name or press F4 to select from a list of valid Dispatch boards.

    Technicians associated with the selected dispatch board appear in the Technicians list.

  3. Select a technician—or group of technicians—and use the Move To Top, Move Up, Move Down or Move To Bottom buttons to rearrange the order of technicians.
  4. Once you are good with the order of your technicians, click one of the following:
    • Reset – to reset the order of technicians to the default of Last Name, First Name order

    • Cancel – to cancel changes made to the order of technicians so the new order is not implemented.

    • Save to apply your changes. (Once saved, technicians appear in your preferred order on The Dispatch Board.)