Dispatch Board - Calendar Colors

The system uses colors to help you easily identify the status of work schedules, trips, and work order scopes on the Dispatch Board. The tables below illustrate these colors and their associated statuses.

Technician Schedule Status

Technician is scheduled to work on the indicated date and is not overbooked.
Technician has two hours or less remaining in their schedule for the indicated date.
Technician has reached his/her capacity or is overbooked for the indicated date.
Technician is scheduled to work, but it is a weekend day.
Technician is not scheduled to work on that date.
Indicates Weekends
The technician has been flagged as unavailable at any time during the day. If you are using the Hourly view, the indicator appears in the applicable time slot(s).

Trip Status

Open - Trip is open, but may not necessarily be scheduled or assigned to a technician. All new trips are assigned this status.
In Progress - Technician is on-site and has begun work.
Notified - Technician has been notified of trip.
Completed - Technician has completed the trip.
Accepted - Technician has accepted the trip.
En Route - Technician is en route to job site.
Arrived - Technician has arrived at job site.
Rejected - Technician has rejected the trip.

Work Order Scope Priority Status

Red Dot - Work order scope is flagged as High Priority.
Orange Dot - Work order scope is flagged as Low Priority.
No Dot - Work order scope is flagged as Medium Priority or multiple scopes exist for the work order.