Set Unavailable Time for a Technician

You can set up unavailable time for technicians so that when scheduling trips on the Dispatch Board, you can easily identify which technicians are not available for trip assignments.

You can indicate times when a technician is unavailable during a single work day or when they are unavailable for multiple days.
This brief video demonstrates setting unavailable time for a technician.
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  1. Open SM Dispatch Board and select the Dispatch Board to work with.
  2. In the calendar pane, right-click in the appropriate technician/date column.
  3. Select Set Unavailable Time from the context menu.
    The SM Technician Unavailable Time form displays, defaulting the selected technician and sequence number.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description identifying the reason why the technician is unavailable.
  5. In the Start Date field, accept the defaulted date or enter a new start date.
  6. In the End Date field, accept the defaulted date or enter a new end date.
  7. If the technician will be unavailable for the entire day, select the All Day Event check box. Otherwise, leave the check box unselected.
  8. If you did not select the All Day Event box:.
    1. In the Start Time field, enter the start time of the technician's unavailable time.
    2. In the Duration field, enter enter the number of hours the technician will be unavailable (required).
  9. In the Details text box, enter additional details, if applicable.
  10. Save the record and close the form.
The system automatically places an Unavailable Time event on the calendar for the technician/date.