Take a Work Order Scope Off Hold

You can easily remove the hold on a work order scope using the Dispatch Board.

  1. Open SM Dispatch Board and select the Dispatch Board to work with.
  2. Open the On Hold query (left pane).
  3. Right-click on the desired work order and select Remove Hold from the context menu.
    For work orders with a single scope, the system displays a message indicating the hold was removed. No further action is required.

    If multiple scopes exist for the work order, the SM Scopes on Hold Grid Only form displays.

  4. In SM Scopes on Hold Grid, clear the On Hold box in the grid for each scope that is being taken off hold.
  5. Click Save.
Once you remove a hold, the system moves the work order back to the query it resided in prior to being placed on hold. For work orders with multiple scopes, the work order will only be removed from the On Hold list if all scopes are released from the On Hold status.
Note: If you want to take a scope off hold from SM Work Orders, find the scope and click Remove Hold. The system will automatically remove the hold.