Use the Query Work Order Search

You can use the Search field above the query pane in SM Dispatch Board for additional filtering of the work orders displayed in the dispatch board queries.

If you assigned a service center to the dispatch board (in SM Dispatch Board Setup), the work order queries (Overdue, Unassigned, In Progress, Incomplete, and On Hold queries) will show only those work orders assigned to that service center. If you also assigned a division to the dispatch board, the work order queries (left pane) will show only those work orders assigned to the service center that have at least one work order scope assigned to the specified division.
Note: Work orders placed in the Unscheduled or Scheduled/Unassigned columns of the Dispatch Board will show on every dispatch board, regardless of their assigned division and/or service center.
  1. Open SM Dispatch Board and select the Dispatch Board to work with.
  2. Place focus in the Search Work Orders text box (left pane, just above the Overdue query).
  3. Enter the work order, service site, or customer number/code. The system automatically filters work orders as you type, locating any work order, service site, and/or customer number that matches the data you supply. The more characters you enter, the more refined the search.
    Note: The search function only allows spaces when entering alpha numeric characters (e.g. "east side", "home office", etc.). It does not allow the use of comparison operators (<, >, <>, =, etc.) or wildcards (% or *).

    As you enter characters in the Search bar, the system searches work order, service site, and customer IDs; it does not search the work order, service site, or customer descriptions.

  4. Each query will show how many records were found matching the search criteria in parenthesis next to the query name. Click on the appropriate query to locate the work order you want.