SM Call Types Form

Use the SM Call Types form to set up and maintain the call types used when capturing calls in the SM Call Handler form.

Call types identify/classify the types of work you perform when making service calls. They can represent specific items of work, scopes or classifications of work, or work classified by accounting treatment. Some examples of call types might be:
  • AHService (After Hours Service)

  • COMMain (Commercial Maintenance)

  • RESMain (Residential Maintenance)

  • ELEC (Electrical)

  • HVACRepair (HVAC Repairs)

  • PLUMB (Plumbing

  • AHPlumb (After Hours Plumbing)

  • WARR (Warranty Work)

Once set up here, you can assign call types to service centers (in SM Service Centers), divisions (in SM Divisions), and/or work orders (in SM Work Orders).

Set Up Call Types