SM Customers Form

Use the SM Customers form to set up Service Management customers.

Before you can set up a customer in this form, you must first set them up in the AR Customers form. Location information (address, city, state, etc.) for each customer is displayed once the AR customer is selected; however, information is display only. Any updates to this information must be handled directly in AR Customers.

For each customer, you can designate a default rate template to use for determining equipment, labor, and material rates for work completed on work orders, set up rate overrides for equipment, labor, materials and standard charges. You can also define work order invoice and agreement invoice settings, including delivery recipients and delivery method, using the Billing tab. In addition, you can set up service sites and contact information.

Once you begin creating work orders and generating invoices for the customer, you can view them using the Work Orders and Invoices tabs (respectively). You can track the status of work orders from inception to completion, as well as see who requested the service, which site is being serviced, and which service center is scheduled to perform the work. For invoices, you can track the invoice status, who was billed and when, and the amounts billed and paid. These tabs are display only and cannot be used for editing; however, you can double-click in the grids to access the related form and make your changes.

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