SM Service Centers Form

Use the SM Service Centers form to set up each of the service centers within your company that will perform service work.

When entering work orders for service calls, a service center must be assigned to identify who is to perform the work; therefore, you must set up a minimum of one service center.

With this form, you can define the call types that are commonly handled by the service center; that is, the types of work performed when making service calls. If the services performed by a service center are broken out by division, you can use the Division tab to identify each of the divisions within the service center.

You will also need to assign a department for each service center. Departments are used to define the cost, revenue, and work in progress GL accounts that will be updated when capturing work completed for a work order. The department you assign here will determine which GL accounts will be updated for work orders referencing this service center.

Note: If you require separate accounting based on division, you can assign an override department to each division for the service center in SM Divisions.

Once set up, you can assign service centers to service sites (in SM Service Sites) and/or work orders (in SM Work Orders).

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

Set Up a Service Center