SM Invoices

The Service Management module's invoicing features allow you to bill customers for work performed on a work order and deliver the invoices to designated recipients.

You can create invoices for customer work orders via the SM Work Orders or SM Work Order Billing forms, and preventative maintenance work orders using the SM Generate PM Work Orders form.

Note: Job work orders (also entered in SM Work Orders) can only be invoiced via Job Billing or Accounts Receivable; they cannot be invoiced in SM. For more information, see Billing SM Job Work Orders.

There are two primary forms for entering/editing customer invoices in Service Management:

  • SM Invoice Review - Used to invoice customer work orders not related to service agreement.

  • SM Agreement Invoice Review - Used to invoice preventative maintenance work orders (i.e. work orders for customers with service agreements).

For more information about invoicing in Service Management, click on any of the following links.

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