SM Work Order Billing Form

Use the SM Work Order Billing form to bill multiple customer work orders in a single invoice session (customer and agreement-related work order scopes having a pricing method of Time and Material or Flat Price).

Note: Job work orders are billed using either the Job Billing or the Accounts Receivable modules. For more information, see About Billing SM Job Work Orders.

Filter criteria allows you to group work orders that are ready for billing by service center, division, customer, service site, date range, line type, and/or scope status. Once you enter your selection criteria and click Refresh, the system populates the Work Orders and Work Order Detail grids with all work orders / lines meeting the filter criteria.

Note: If you are using the work order review process, the work orders displayed in the grid will depend on whether you selected to bill all work orders or only those flagged as Ready to Bill. For more information about this process, see About the Work Order Ready To Bill Flag.

You can access a work order for editing by double-clicking the work order in the upper grid (in SM Work Orders). Once you complete edits to the work order and close the SM Work Orders form, you are returned to the SM Work Order Billing form. Clicking Refresh updates the grids with edits made to the work order. The system generates invoices for the selected work orders based on the Invoice Grouping option or the PO Override option (for work order scopes with a customer PO number), and opens the SM Invoice Review form. For more information about these options, see About Invoice Grouping and WO Invoices: PO Override.

Once you generate an invoice session, all further access to the invoice must be via SM Invoices or the Invoices tab in SM Work Orders form. Work orders included in an invoice session will not be available for selection in another session.

Click the link below for more information about using this form.

Generate & Process Work Order Invoices