About Capturing Work Completed for a Work Order

When you complete a service call, entering work completed lines on the associated work order allows you to capture the costs and enable billing the customer.

Once a technician has completed the work requested by a service site, entering work completed lines allows you to capture all of the components related to that service call; that is, the equipment used, labor hours, miscellaneous expenses, and material usage (stocked and purchased)You can use the Work Completed tab in SM Work Orders to capture work completed on a work order or enter records directly in the work completed forms (SM Work Completed Equipment, SM Work Completed Labor, SM Work Completed Misc, or SM Work Completed Inventory). You can access the work completed forms via the Work Completed menu in the SM Work Orders toolbar.
Note: Work completed for purchased materials can only be added by entering a purchase order (via SM Purchase Order Entry or PO Purchase Order Entry) or by distributing an existing PO item to an SM work order (via PO Item Distribution). See About Entering an SM Purchase Order and/or SM Work Completed Purchase Form for more information.

Before you begin entering work completed, you must set up at least one work order sequence (scope). The work order sequence must be assigned a call type and rate template, as well as a 'bill to' customer (if a customer work order) or phase (if a job work order). Once you enter work completed for that sequence, these fields are disabled and cannot be changed.

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