About Entering Cost Adjustments for Work Orders

You can create one-time cost adjustments to existing customer work orders in SM Work Orders in order adjust time units, hours worked, cost quantity, and quantity.

You can make cost adjustments for customer work orders between similar line types on either the Work Completed tab of SM Work Orders or on any of the following Work Completed forms:
  • SM Work Completed Equipment – for Time Units or Work Units adjustments
  • SM Work Completed Labor – for Hours Worked adjustments
  • SM Work Completed Misc – for Cost Quantity adjustments
  • SM Work Completed Inventory – for Quantity adjustments

Throughout the cost adjustment process, when you do an F4 look-up in a field (e.g., "Dest Work Order" field), only a list of similar line types are available for adjustment (e.g., an Equipment line-type cost adjustment provides only other Equipment lines in F4 lookups).

You can make cost adjustments to a work order in the following two locations:
  • The Work Completed tab of the SM Work Orders form
  • The Cost Adjustment section of the Work Completed form

For information about entering cost adjustments, click on the appropriate link below.

Enter Cost Adjustments as Work Completed Lines in SM Work Orders

Enter Cost Adjustments as Work Completed Lines in the SM Work Completed Form