SM Work Orders Form

Use the SM Work Orders form to create customer and/or job work orders for service work.

The flexibility of this form allows you to enter minimal information to get the work order in the system so that it can be scheduled as quickly as possible. Additional information can be entered later as it becomes available.

Note: Although minimal entry is allowed to set up a work order, you must supply a "bill to" customer (customer work orders), and phase (job work orders) before you can capture work completed for the work order.

In addition to providing information about the service being requested, you can use this form to schedule trips, enter tasks and required resources (materials, equipment, and labor), capture and bill work completed, and create purchase orders. Work completed entries allow you to capture the labor, equipment, material, and miscellaneous costs associate with the work order. These entries are then used to update payroll timecards, equipment usage, inventory, and/or purchase orders (respectively), as well as to determine billable amounts.

Access to Service Manager Dashboard in Field Service

If you have Field Service and have integrated your Vista Web account (that is, you have designated the appropriate Vista Web URL in VA Site Settings), you can access the Service Manager Dashboard by selecting the Send Work Orders to Technicians Instantly button or by pressing Alt + I.

You can also access the Service Manager Dashboard as follows:

  • From the Vista Main Menu, select Service ManagementPrograms and double-click the SM Dashboard link.
  • From the SM Dispatch Board form, click the Send Work Orders to Technicians Instantly button (just below the Alerts button).

If you do not have Field Service, clicking any of these links takes you to the Trimble Viewpoint website for information about Service Management Dashboard.

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