Email Integration with Microsoft Outlook

You can index and send emails from Microsoft Outlook to Vista.

You can either attach emails via drag-and-drop attachment functionality, or you can use the Outlook Add-in. Once emails are added to the system, you can search the text they contain using the DM Attachment Index Search form.

Note: The Microsoft Outlook integration is available with either 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook, depending on which Vista client you have installed:
  • The 64-bit Vista client is compliant with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • The 32-bit Vista client is compliant with 32-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook.

When you have installed the Outlook Viewpoint add-in, you can:

About Vista-Outlook integration emails and attachments:
  • Emails get stored as .msg files.
  • Attachments get stored with the same indexing as the email.
  • If you are storing attachments in a database, and you have enabled full text searching, you can search on all text contained in the email (.msg) and any of its attachments (PDF, JPG, and so on).
    Note: Any emails or attachments which are not indexed are not searchable. To make them so, use the DM Email Attachment Update form.

More information on using the Viewpoint add-in for Microsoft Outlook:

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