About the RP Report Locations Form

Use this form to set up report locations. Locations are used to point the application to where your reports are stored on the network.

You can see a list of all reports in the RP Report Titles form.

Note: Your company's Vista deployment method affects which actions you should take on this page. Your deployment method is shown at the bottom of the Main Menu in the status bar.
If your deployment method is either VRL on-premises or VRL Cloud, see Set Report Locations - VRL and disregard the following information which does not apply to you.

If you store reports in multiple directories, you must define a location for each directory or subdirectory. For example, all standard reports (those provided with Vista™) are grouped together by module, with each module having its own directory. Therefore, a separate location is defined for each module directory. This also applies to any other files or documents that you will be launching via the Reports menu for a module.

Important: Since you can access reports/documents/files from a network path and/or web address, make sure you set up report locations for both the network paths and the web addresses you will be using.

Setting Report Locations