About the RP Report Titles Form

Use this form to create report titles and assign them to reports, documents, and/or files that you have created via Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel, or other applications.

This establishes a link between the reports and/or other files, and the application.

Reports are divided into two groups.

  • Standard reports come configured with the application and cannot be modified or deleted. If you want to change a standard report, create a copy of it and then modify the copy.

  • Custom reports are ones that either you created from scratch or are copies of standard reports. The owner of the report has full access to modifying the report title. Other users cannot update report parameters, but they can override the Report Type, determine whether the report displays on the Reports menu, and change the icon associated with the report.


Creating Report Titles

Changing a Report Owner

Copying a Report

Updating Report Layouts

Subscribing to an SSRS Report

Troubleshooting an SSRS Report Subscription