Change the System Color Scheme

You can change the appearance of the system by choosing a color scheme.

Color schemes are specific to each login. For multiple logins, color schemes must be defined for each login separately. Color schemes are stored in User Preferences, so they are not affected by updates or changes to the application.
  1. Open the Colors Selector from the Main Menu by selecting Options > Colors or clicking the Colors icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the theme you would like to change in the Select Default Theme or a Company drop down menu.
    • Select Default Colors to modify the default theme. The default theme applies unless a specific theme is defined for a company.
    • Select a company to modify the theme of a specific company. The theme set up on the company will override the default theme when using the selected company.
      Note: An asterisk displays next to each company in the drop down menu with a defined theme. If you want to remove all of the themes defined on companies, click the Restore Defaults - All Companies button.
  3. In the Theme field, select the theme you want to use. The theme will be applied to the preview at the bottom of the form so that you can see how the application will look.
  4. Click Apply to apply the selected theme.
  5. When using forms in the application, the field that has focus is highlighted using the smart cursor theme. To change the smart cursor theme, click the Change button next to the Theme Smart Cursor field. In the Color form, select a color and click OK. The preview will update with the selection.
    Note: When selecting a color, you can pick from the basic color palette or you can modify a basic color to create a custom color. Using the color matrix (to the right of the basic color grid), you can move the pointer to locate the color you want, or you can manipulate the lightness/darkness of the selected color by sliding the black arrow up or down in the shade bar. You can also change the RGB values and/or the Hue, Saturation, and Lum values. If you want to reuse the color you have created, add it to the Custom Colors palette by clicking the Add to Custom Colors button. However, custom colors are only saved during the current edit session. Once you close the Color Selector form, the custom colors are cleared.
  6. When using the application, required fields in a form display in a specific color. To change the color of the required fields, click the Change button next to the Theme Required Field Indicator field. In the Color form, select a color and click OK. The preview will update with the selection.
  7. Click Apply to apply the changes to the theme.
  8. If you want to restore the default color of the selected theme, click the Restore Default button next to either the Theme Smart Cursor or Theme Required Field Indicator fields. These buttons are enabled only when you have selected a specific color for the smart cursor or required field indicator.
  9. Click OK when complete to exit the form.