Add a Query to an SM Work Center

You can customize the data shown in an SM work center by any number of queries to the work center.

  1. Open the SM Work Center.
  2. Right-click on the folder in the menu tree where the query should be saved and select Add Inquiry from the menu. For example, to add a new query to the Hot Lists folder, right-click on the Hot Lists folder and select Add Inquiry. This will open the Inquiry Settings form.
  3. From the Base Inquiry drop-down, select the query that you want to add.
    Note: A query will display in this drop-down menu only if:
    • The Assignable in Work Center check box has been selected for this query in VA Inquiries,
    • It is associated with the SM Work Center template on the Associations tab on VA Inquiries, and
    • You have security set to access it in VA Inquiry Security.
  4. Customize the query if applicable.
    1. Use the Maximum Rows field to limit the number of items that will display on the query.
    2. Use the Parameters tab to customize which items will display in the list. A description of each parameter displays in the Description column, including the expected format of the parameter value.
      Note: When entering parameter values, make sure that you do not include the spaces, apostrophes, or <>'s that display in the format description. Click here for information about parameter values.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.
The form closes and you are returned to the SM Work Center, which will update with the changes.