Log in to Vista - VRL On-premises

VRL on-premises users must configure the client at their workstations to access their on-premises server over the Internet.

Prior to configuration, the Vista™ client application must be installed on your workstation.

Note: Do not modify the configuration settings once you have completed the initial setup unless directed to do so by your administrator.
These instructions are for new user setup or when you have just re-installed the client on a workstation that's already been set up. They are specific to users whose organizations provide internet access to the on-premises server, a configuration known as VRL on-premises.
If instead you access your company's server:To set up the VRL on-premises configuration:
  1. In the Vista Log In screen, click the '+' sign button located next to the Vista Server field to activate the field.
  2. In the Vista Server field, enter the URL provided by your administrator, starting with https://.
  3. Click the check mark to prompt the system to validate your entry.
  4. Complete the login process according to your normal procedure.
    Note: After a successful login, you can check the status of your web connection to the database using the connection indicator in the bottom right corner of the Vista application window.