Log in to Vista

You can log in to Vista using either your Windows login (the credentials you use to log in to your workstation) or using your Vista system (SQL) login.

Before you may log in for the first time, another user must have set up your user name on your behalf in the VA User Profile form, and your user profile must have a default Company assigned. You must also have configured the connection to your server via internet or LAN. See Log in to Vista - Local Area Network or Log in to Vista - VRL On-premises for instructions.

If you've already configured your Viewpoint ID, you should use it when logging in; the steps shown on this page do not apply to you. For more details, see Configure Your SSO Account.

  1. Start the Vista client application.
  2. On the Log In screen, use the Vista Server drop down to enter or select the appropriate server. Any entries that appear in this list are servers that you successfully logged in to previously.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • select the Use Windows Login check box. The User Name field populates automatically with your domain and user name.
    • enter your SQL user name in the User Name field. If this field is disabled, clear the Use Windows Login check box to enable it.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. (Optional) Select the Save Password check box to retain your password for future login instances.
    Tip: If the Save Password check box does not display, it has been disabled in the VA Site Settings form. Check with your system administrator.