Form Grids

Most forms in Vista have a Grid tab. It is used for viewing, entering, or editing records in a grid format.

Using grids to edit records, especially when editing the value of a specific column for all records, can be quicker than accessing each record separately on the Info tab. In a grid, you can edit the value in a record, then down-arrow to edit the value in each successive record.

You can tailor the grids to meet your specific needs and make working with grids easy and efficient. This video demonstrates 15 tips to make your work easier and faster by doing it in the grid tab.

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To learn about a grid feature, click the links below.

In most forms, when you open a form, the Info tab is open by default. However, you can set the form to open to the grid by default. Each user can make the Grid tab be the default by editing the form's properties.