Request Support from Viewpoint

From within the Vista application, you can access additional support resources like the Help, the Knowledge Base library, and the Customer Support team.

To submit a Support case, you must have authorization level of "Support" or "Full" in the Viewpoint Customer Portal.

  1. Select Help > Customer Portal & Support > Customer Portal from any Vista form or from the Main Menu.
    A Viewpoint Customer Portal web page opens.
  2. If you are not logged into Viewpoint Customer Portal, log in.
    The home page displays.
  3. Click Submit Your Case.
    The Submit a Case form displays.
    Note: If you do not have "Full" or "Support" permissions, a "not authorized" message displays and you will be unable to proceed.
  4. At the What can we help you with today? prompt, select Support.
  5. At the Which product are you using prompt, select Vista and then specify the Version and Module.
  6. Use the text box to enter a brief summary of the question or problem.
  7. Click Search Knowledge Base.
  8. If none of the suggested solutions meet your needs, click Continue to Case Creation.
  9. In the Case Create section, enter additional information as needed and click Submit.
    Your support request is logged directly into the Support system.
Viewpoint Support personnel will address your case as soon as possible.