Search Form Records

Most of the work you will do in the system consists of interacting with forms or programs. You can search for specific data on a form.

Most forms used to maintain records throughout the system are associated with database table that store data. Some forms are used to maintain large record sets, and the large number of records can reduce the form’s load/refresh speed and make records difficult to find. You can filter form records using the Search panel to limit the number of records displaying in the grid. Depending on the values you enter in the criteria fields, you can also search for specific records matching those values.
  1. Access the Search panel in one of the following ways:
    • Clicking the icon in the toolbar

    • Selecting Records > Form Search from the form menu

  2. Note the filtering criteria fields that are available in the upper section of the Search panel. The fields that are available for filtering depend on the originating form.
  3. If desired, add filtering criteria fields. You must have permissions to access the System Overrides tab on the Field Properties form.
    1. Select the field you want to add to or remove from the Search panel and press F3 to access the Field Properties for that field.
    2. On the System Overrides tab, either select or clear the Include in Form Search check box.
    3. Click OK to save the change.
    4. Close the entry form. When you reopen the form, the Search panel will reflect your changes.
  4. Enter values in the filtering criteria fields, or press F4 to see a list of available values.
  5. Indicate the order in which to sort search results as follows:
    • Latest Records - to sort search results in order by the latest records (descending order)
    • Earliest Records - to sort search results in order by the earliest records (ascending order)
  6. Click Search. The system returns records that meet the filtering criteria. If you do not enter any values, the system returns all records (up to any applied thresholds).
  7. To clear the search criteria, click Clear. This will also return the Limit Records on Form section to the option labeled System.
    Note: The system saves your search criteria so that it is available the next time you access the Search panel for the originating form, even if you click the Clear button. If you do not want search criteria saved, click Clear > Search .
  8. (Optional) Enter a name for your search and click Save This Search to be able to use it again. Click the Search panel's Help button for more information.