About the Search Panel

Use the Search panel to search for records in any given form. Access the Search panel by clicking the icon, found in the toolbar in nearly all forms, or by selecting Records > Form Search from the form's menu.

Each form's Search panel has at least one standard field you can use to enter data to narrow your search. If you want to add more fields or check boxes as criteria to the form's Search panel, see System Overrides: Include in Form Search.

The form's other standard fields include:

  • Latest Records / Earliest Records - select whether to have the search results shown in order by the earliest records (ascending order) or latest records (descending order).
  • Name of Search - use to name a search you want to save, as well as access previously saved searches.
  • My Saved - click this button to save a search for your login only. Your saved searches will appear in the Name of Search drop down.
  • Shared - click this button to share a search you are saving with other users. Shared searches will appear in the Name of Search drop down.
Note: This button only appears if the Enable Shared Search check box is selected for your profile in the VA User Profile form. Searches you save are only visible and available for use by other users whose profile has the check box selected.

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