Status Bar

The main menu and most forms have a status bar that provides information related to the form or the current highlighted field.

The status bar displays across the bottom of the main menu and each form (as shown below).

The panes will differ depending on whether you are on the main menu or a form.

Main Menu

The left pane of the status bar displays the status text for the folder pane, indicting what type of folder, whether you can modify it, and what view and sort options are in effect.

The next pane shows the current database name and release / tax update versions. You can also find the release and tax update versions by selecting Help > About Vista.

The following panes show the current user, active company (selected in the Company drop-down above the folder and form panes), and your connection status. If you have a LAN or Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC) connection, a network icon displays. If you have a VRL (internet/Wi-Fi) connection, a globe icon displays.


The left pane of the status bar displays the status text (input help) for the field that currently has focus. If it is a standard field, you can access additional help for a field by pressing F1. If this is a custom field, any status text is also custom.

The next pane is dedicated to an attachment outbox indicator. It displays the number of files that are in process of attaching. Click this pane to view the items that are pending attachment. This is relevant most commonly when you attach many items to Vista record(s) at one time.

One pane shows the record count. If the number of records in the recordset exceeds the 'maximum rows returned' limit for forms as set in VA Site Settings, this pane will display a 'Limited Records' message. This message indicates that the current recordset contains only some portion of the total records available. If the record you want is not shown in the current recordset, you can use the Search panel to change the records displayed.

Another pane shows the current 'activity' mode of the form, which toggles between View, Find, Add, Change, or Grid mode, depending on what you are currently doing. For example, when you first access a form, you are in View mode. If you then enter a value in the key field, the form changes to Find mode and will look through recordset for the value you entered. If it finds the record, it displays it and changes back to View mode. If it cannot find the record, it assumes you are adding a new record and changes to Add mode. If you change any of the values for an existing record, the form switches to Change mode. Once you save a record, new or existing, you are switched back to View mode. If you use the grid to add, change, or delete records, you are switched to Grid mode. Adding, changing, or deleting records will not affect the mode when you are using the grid. It will always display as Grid mode.

The last pane shows the current company. This will change only if you change the active company using the Company drop-down list on the main application window.