About the Accounting Work Center

The Accounting Work Center provides a centralized place to perform a variety of tasks and functions.

You can add work centers in three ways:
  • manually
  • by selecting a predefined work center profile
  • by loading a saved work center from the Work Center Library

    Once you add a work center, it displays as a tab on the main application window.

Note: To enable adding work centers to the main menu, you must first activate the Work Centers feature, associate queries with templates, and set up query and template security. For information about performing these tasks, see About Work Center Setup.

The Accounting Work Center consists of three panels:

  • Menu (Left) - provides a list of queries that you can use to view specific data, such as unapproved invoices by vendor, GL account summaries, or Cash Management account balances. You can customize the menu to meet your specific needs, including renaming menu items, hiding/showing menu items, and adding/deleting custom inquiries and folders.
  • Grid (Middle) - displays a list of records associated with the selected inquiry. Records display based on the company and month range for the active Work Center (just below the tab heading). You can manipulate records shown in the grid using right-click menu options (such as Filter Bar, Grouping Bar, and so on), as well as by changing the inquiry parameters using the Inquiry Settings option () in the toolbar. Double-clicking a record in the grid opens that record in its related form.
  • Related Items (Right) - This panel displays a list of attachments and emails associated with a selected grid record. You can open an attachment or email by double-clicking it in the list.

You can add multiple work centers to your application window, as long as you do not exceed the allowed number of work center tabs as specified in by your admin in the VA Site Settings form.


You can view attachments related to an item using the Related Items pane. Once you select the query to view in the left pane, the middle pane refreshes to show data based on the query you selected. When you click on a record in the grid, the Attachments folder in the Related Items pane displays any attachments associated with that record (if there are any). Double-clicking the attachment opens it in its related app.

For certain Accounts Payable invoice queries, such as the AP Vendor Drilldown, AP Vendor Drilldown Posted Invoices, and AP Job Transaction Drilldown, you can drill down to the line level and view attachments associated with the invoice lines.


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