About the Dashboard Work Center

Use a Dashboard Work Center to launch commonly used forms and reports, to view reports specifically designed for the Dashboard Work Center, and to view inquiries.

Note: If you have the Business Intelligence module, you can also use the Dashboard Work Center to view SSRS reports. See SSRS - Adding Standard SSRS Reports to Work Centers.

You can customize a Dashboard Work Center using templates. Each template consists of a number of sections that can be used to display information. Sections are configurable, allowing you to view information that is important to you. Depending on the chosen template, the following sections are available:

  • Menu – You can view recently used forms or reports, or you can view a custom-created folder from the Menu tab (containing both forms and reports).
  • Grid – Use this section to display data. This is an informational view only and data cannot be modified.
  • Report – Use this section to display My Viewpoint reports.

You can add a Dashboard Work Center to your user account using the Work Centers form (Options > Work Centers).

For more information on the Work Centers form, see About the Work Centers form.