Create Checklist Status Codes

You can use the WF Checklist Status Codes form to create status codes for checklist tasks and steps. Status codes indicate whether a task or step is new, in progress, or final.

When creating a status code, you must assign a status type. Each status code can only have one type, but you can create numerous codes for each type.
  1. Enter an ID number for the code in the Status Code field.
    Note: ID numbers 999997, 999998, and 999999 are reserved for the statuses assigned to the standard Viewpoint checklists. The system also uses these statuses when assigning the status of the overall checklist. You cannot use, edit, or delete these ID numbers.
  2. Enter a description for the code in the Description field.
  3. Select a radio button for the appropriate status in the Status Type section.
  4. Check the Default box if this is the default code for the specified status type.
    Note: If another code is set as the default for this status type, you must first uncheck the Default box for that code before setting this code as the default.
  5. Save the record.