Send Workflow Checklist Notifications

Once you have finished creating a checklist in the WF Checklist Maintenance form, you can notify users that they have tasks ready.

The system sends notifications to users via their preferred notification message (Notify By field in VA User Profile). When you click this button, the system sends notifications regardless of whether you selected the Use Notification check box for the checklist. The system sends notifications to all users assigned to tasks or steps that can begin.
  1. To notify users they have a task ready, click the Send Notifications button in WF Checklist Maintenance. Optionally, you can notify users by selecting the task in the WF Checklist Tasks form and clicking Email Assignee. Your default email client displays a new message addressed to the task assignee, using the email address from the VA User Profile form.
  2. Additionally, when you enter a task or step, you can send emails to the assigned users. To send an email, select either a task or step and click the Email button. Your default email client displays with the To field defaulted to the user's email address (as specified in VA User Profile). If the user does not have a specified email address, the To field defaults to blank.