Update Your Task and Step Status for a Worfklow Checklist

You can use the WF Tasklist form to update your assigned checklist steps and tasks.

  1. Filter for a specific task or step.
    1. Select the statuses for filtering in the Checklist Item Status Type section. 
 The system automatically selects the New and In Progress check boxes. If you clear all check boxes in the Checklist Item Status section, the system reselects the New and In Progress check boxes for the search.
    2. Select a date type to search by in the Search By Date field: None, Due, or Assigned.
    3. If you selected a date type of Due or Assigned in step 3, enter a date range in the Beginning Date and Ending Date fields.
    4. Click Refresh.
The system displays all tasks for the checklist that meet the filtering criteria.
  2. Select the task or step to update.
  3. Enter a new status in the Status field.
  4. If the task or step has an associated form or report, click the Launch button to access the form or report.
  5. Enter the completion date in the Completed Date field, if necessary.
  6. Save the record.
  7. Repeat the steps as necessary for any other tasks and steps you need to update.