WF Checklist Maintenance

Use this form to create checklists that are not based on a template. Additionally, you can use this form to modify existing checklists. Checklists are a grouping of tasks and steps that various assigned users can complete. For more information, refer to Checklists.

The form displays the checklist creator and the creation date in the Added By and Date fields. Additionally, the form stores the last modification date for the checklist, as well as the user who modified the checklist in the Changed By and Date fields. The Changed By and Date fields change every time you make a change to the template and save the record.

Note: You can change checklists with a complete status back to in progress by changing the status of a task. However, if you are enforcing order for a checklist, and all items are required, you must set the task to an in progress status before changing any of the associated steps to an in progress status.