Internet Support

Viewpoint requires internet connectivity and a clear data path allowing Support staff to directly connect to the Vista server where the software resides.

If you have security concerns for systems with direct internet connections, discuss these thoroughly with a network analyst / integrator in order to tailor a solution for your specific networking requirements.

If a firewall is involved, Viewpoint can provide the network analyst with specific information that facilitates a clear path for connections by Support staff. Many issues can come up regarding the clear path through internet security that may require further discussion between Viewpoint technical staff and your network consultant in early planning stages.

Viewpoint can also provide application and technical support via video conference.

Note: If you decline to provide Viewpoint direct connections to your server for use by Support staff, and instead elect to receive assistance via video conferencing only, then you must have the following alternatives in place:
  • Your SQL server must have internet access.
  • An individual in your organization must be available to assist Support staff with each remote session. This person may need administrator access to the SQL server and to may need to be familiar with your hardware configuration.