Run Equipment Reports

Run equipment reports to view, print, or save information about the equipment items including usage, location history, and meter transactions in ProContractor. There are a number of different reports available. Reports are independent of each other and can be run at any time.

Available equipment reports are listed below. In addition to these reports, you can create and run your own user-defined reports in the Equipment module.

Report Description When Run (Typically)
View Equipment Maintenance Due screen Lists of equipment maintenance due for specified equipment items and/or companies in a customizable grid. Periodically
Equipment Status screen Shows equipment cost, usage, and utilization. Periodically
Equipment Usage Detail Report screen Shows equipment usage transaction details. Periodically
Equipment Cost Detail Report screen Shows detailed equipment cost information. Periodically
Equipment Location History Report screen Shows equipment location history details. Periodically
Equipment Meter History Report screen Shows equipment meter transaction details. Periodically
Equipment Yearly Comparison screen Shows a comparison of equipment usage, utilization, classification, and cost from the current year to the previous year. Periodically
Equipment Maintenance Log Report screen Shows a log of equipment maintenance performed for selected date range. Periodically
Equipment Maintenance Work Sheet screen Shows maintenance work items due by equipment item within selected date range Periodically
Equipment User-Defined Reports screen Create your own customized equipment reports. As needed
View Equipment Setups screen Lists current settings on equipment setup screens in a customizable grid. As needed
Note: The table below lists common reports from the Equipment Center in American Contractor and the corresponding ProContractor report in the Equipment module.
American Contractor ReportProContractor Report
Equipment Cost AppliedEquipment Usage Detail Report
Equipment Cost DetailEquipment Cost Detail Report
Maintenance Due ReportEquipment Maintenance Log Report