ProContractor Cloud Network and Workstation Requirements

Review requirements when the ProContractor application is deployed in the Viewpoint cloud.

When your organization has chosen Viewpoint to host your ProContractor software, each user's application client runs on the hosted server instead of their workstation. The Microsoft Office suite runs on the hosted server as well so that it's available for use with your ProContractor application.

ProContractor Cloud Network Requirements

The following table lists the minimum database and Office requirements for use in the Cloud, as well as network bandwidth recommendations.

ItemMinimum Requirement
DatabaseOne of the following:
  • SQL Express database delivered with your ProContractor application (for systems with less than 10 concurrent users)
  • SQL Standard database (for systems with 10 or more concurrent users)
Microsoft OfficeOne of the following:
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3 or higher
Existing licenses can be transferred for use in the Cloud.
Dedicated Internet Bandwidth

Business-class broadband internet connection

25 Mb/s download

3 Mb/s upload (frequent or large file uploads may warrant a higher speed)

Note: These bandwidth recommendations apply to Cloud use only and do not account for your organization's existing day-to-day internet traffic needs.

ProContractor Cloud Workstation Requirements

Workstations that are part of a cloud network connect to your organization's cloud-hosted server to share information in real-time.

Use workstations in a server-based network to connect to the application server and share information in real-time. For details, see Workstation Requirements.