Spectrum menus

When you initially log on to Spectrum, the Site Map screen will display. This is the "main screen" in Spectrum. Along the left side of the screen, the module menu displays. The modules that your company has installed and that you have security access to display on the menu. After selecting a module, the processing menu will be enabled. Processing menu items include the following options:

  • Maintenance is used during conversion to set up various departments within the company, define the chart of accounts, establish tracking codes, and enter budget information. After Spectrum is initially installed, the options from this menu are used to update information as necessary. The Maintenance menu options are also used to develop customized financial reports using the data within the General Ledger.
  • Data Entry is used during conversion to enter initial balances. After conversion, the options from this menu are used to enter routine transactions.
  • Inquiries are used to obtain information about the module.
  • Reports are used to obtain printed information about the module.
  • Period End is used to clear certain records at year end and to purge information when it is no longer needed.
  • Utilities are used to perform certain non-routine functions, such as changing codes or copying maintenance information from one company to another.

Additional menus will be available in certain modules that utilize the info bar functionality (Job, Customer, Vendor, and so on).