What's New in Automatic Invoicing 2024 R1

This release resolves an issue with the Automatic Invoicing Inbox that resulted in delayed or missing emails. This update ensures reliability of the Inbox but also requires that you change the forwarding email addresses used for your Inbox accounts.

Required Action: Update Inbox Email Addresses

To continue using the Inbox, update the email addresses for your accounts on the Inbox Settings page as follows. The following steps require an Accounts Payable Admin role in Trimble Construction One.

  1. From any tab in Automatic Invoicing, select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
    Note: If you do not see the gear icon, you have not been set up as an Accounts Payable Admin. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.
  2. From the Inbox Settings tab, either change all accounts at once by selecting the Update All Email Addresses option at the top of the page, or change one account at a time by selecting the Update Email Address option for each account.

  3. When you select Update Email Address, a message appears indicating what the new email address will be for that account. If you have selected the bulk update option, the message will list all the new email addresses.

  4. Open the email application that contains your shared mailbox, and then change the forwarding email address to use the new email address.
    Note: This step can be done before or immediately after step 5.

    If you are changing multiple forwarding email addresses repeat this step for each shared mailbox.

  5. In Automatic Invoicing, select Save and Update to save the email address change.
  6. After you have updated an account in your Inbox Settings, you can send a test email and attachment to the new email address, and then verify that the email and attachment both appear in your Inbox.