Spectrum Hosting Upgrade and Maintenance FAQ

Answers to questions you might have about changes required after we upgrade your environment.

What is this change?

To enhance the performance of your Spectrum application, Trimble Viewpoint is upgrading the hardware we use in providing your hosted service.

This hardware upgrade requires a brief downtime for both the Spectrum application and SQL. It will also result in some minor changes to your environment settings.

How will I know when our environment will be upgraded?

You will receive an email from us one week prior to your scheduled upgrade. The upgrade will occur during non-business hours, late in the evening Pacific time.

What will happen to my SA account and linked servers once upgraded?

Accounts that have SysAdmin privileges today will be transformed to DB_owner accounts as part of the upgrade process.

Will I need to whitelist my public IPs again after migration?

No. We will migrate your whitelist at the same time. However, this might be a good time to compile a current list of your IPs.

Will I need to update connection strings in Crystal Reports, Excel, etc?

Yes, because the upgrade will cause the database name to change. For assistance modifying your custom reports and excel queries, see these knowledge base articles:

What is the new name of my database?

Your database's new name will follow this format:


Your Salesforce ID is an 18-character code. We will send your Salesforce ID in the advanced email communication to make it easier for you to make this change after the upgrade.

Will the database name change affect my APIs (web services) or Info-Link Integrations?

It may affect these connections.

If the connection string is tied to the previous database, you will need to update the database name in the connection string for those integrations.

Will this database name change have any impact on our SQL accounts that were created outside of the info-link?

Yes. If you have any SQL user(s) created outside of info-link, you will need to recreate them via Info-Link after we have moved you to the new hardware.

Will the URL I use to connect to the hosted database change?

No. The URL will continue to be {hostname}-data.dexterchaney.com.

I currently use Info-Link. Is there anything I need to do after the migration is complete?

Yes. You need to reset Info-Link. To do this, navigate to System Admin > Installation > Info-Link and select Reset.

My reports will not preview and instead display errors. What do I need to do to get my reports to preview without error?

You need to reset Crystal-Link. To do this, navigate to System Admin > Installation > Company > Print Options and select Reset.