What's New in Traqspera 2024 R4

The 2024 R4 release of Traqspera includes enhancements to sync functionality and allows users to access Help from the navigation bar. This release is available as of 4/24/24.

New Features

Clear Sync History

New Clear Sync History button on the Sync Troubleshooting page allows system administrators to clear sync logs for selected jobs, phases, employees, and equipment.

Note: This button displays by section on the Sync Troubleshooting page if you enable the relevant Import Configuration Setting: Use SQL Server Job Sync, Use SQL Server Employee Sync, or Use SQL Server Equipment Sync.

Access Help from the Navigation Bar

Users can now access Traqspera Help directly from the application by selecting Help in the navigation bar.


Job Sync

  • The system now syncs jobs for up to 10 interconnected companies (previously, jobs would sync for up to 6 interconnected companies).

  • During the MS SQL sync, up to 1,000 jobs will now sync at a time per company. If a company has more than 1,000 jobs, the system will trigger additional syncs in batches of 1,000 jobs at a time (with a limit of 20 job syncs per company).

  • Cost categories now sync with equipment jobs, allowing users to select cost categories when adding equipment expense items to a timesheet.

Backend Infrastructure

  • We are updating our core backend technologies to improve the reliability, security, and overall speed and performance.

Log In Using Trimble ID

The system now validates that users who log in with a Trimble ID (Log In Using TID) account have a Traqspera user account. If not, they will be required to sign in using the Log In button so that their Trimble ID account can be linked to a Traqspera user account. After the accounts are linked, they can sign in with their Trimble ID without disruption.

Note: Traqspera user names do not have to match Trimble ID user names in order for the user to be able to log in.

Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the web application for the current release.

  • In Crew Management, crew supervisors were not removed from a crew after they were deleted.

  • During Equipment Export, the crew leader was attached to all exported entries even if a different employee had been selected during equipment entry.

    Note: Users can select an employee during equipment entry only if you have enabled the setting Use Employee on Crew Timesheet Equipment Entries.