Manage Portal Settings

On the Portal Settings page, System Admins can make system-wide changes to your portal.

Always review settings with care before modifying them.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings.
  2. Select the tab for a category or module in the left pane.
  3. Select the applicable section, such as General Configuration.
  4. Review or modify settings.
    Tip: To view Helper text for a setting, select the setting name. Helper text may include the default value for a setting, additional notes that describe the setting, and a Setting History, which shows a history of changes for that setting, including the date of the change, the name of user who made the change, and the previous and new (current) value for the setting.
  5. Select the Portal Info tab to view your current portal version, the version of Vista connected to your portal, and active user counts. From this page, you can also:
    • Generate the Error Log

    • Export the License Report

    • View the Version History for your portal updates

    • Export the Audit Log, which lists a history of portal setting changes

    • Manage the recurring Scheduled Jobs that the portal runs

    • Perform unique administrative actions, typically under the direction of Support

    For more details about the options shown on this page, see Portal Settings Fields.