Issues Fixed in Field Management 2021 R12

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R12 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Using an extremely large custom company logo on the Login page interfered with the operation of the Sign In button. 106384
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.11+.
Improved performance and speed of Refresh Synonyms. 106402 and 106403
Improved handling of lookup parameters that were entered with single quotes around them in Vista. 106225
The home page was showing a display message for last login date for users logging in to the portal for the first time. 106669
Logging out after logging in with Viewpoint ID redirected users to a blank page instead of the Login page. 106670
When logging in with Viewpoint ID, links from Vista 2021 R2 were dropping the trailing HTML/URL path.

Field Management Mobile App

Issues Fixed Issue #
On the Budget Trends report, the To Date units were not accounting for Today units and were not restricted to the units for the Cost Type entered in the portal setting Cost Type for Production Update. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile > General Configuration.
Note: In addition to updating your mobile app, this fix requires that you update your web portal to version 21.12.
Users with employee numbers under 3000 that were added to crews in the portal were not showing as being assigned to that crew on the mobile app. 105788
Scrolling through a crew member list resulted in employee names being dropped from the list. 105762
Selecting the portal setting Disable Submission Signatures / Questions prevented time clock validation for customers who had also enabled the portal setting Prevent submission if timeclock does not balance with timecard lines.

Both settings located under: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile > General Configuration.

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed
After a field ticket was unsubmitted, employees already on a payroll line could not be selected from the Employee drop-down without the user refreshing the page. 106002
When adding material usage to a field ticket, the phase list was sorted by record creation date instead of alphanumerically. 106539
The label on the Field Ticket signature section now says Signature instead of SIGN.

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue
Improved approval behavior for pending POs with auto-posting enabled. 105830
On pending POs, the GL Account was not defaulting when Allow GL Account override when posting costs was enabled in Vista JC Company Parameters. 106200
Pending POs were not being auto-processed if the workflow included an optional approver. 106476
Pending PO line item attachments added in Vista failed to render in the portal. 106397
Submitted standard POs were not showing on the PO Dashboard or in Vista when the portal setting Process Requisitions to create Pending Purchase Orders was enabled. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration 106496
For material orders, the Purchase Order dashboard now shows an error message when a user attempts to submit an order that includes an inactive material. Previously, the dashboard did not allow or show orders with inactive materials but gave the user no indication as to why the order could not be submitted. 106673

Crew Timecards

Issues Fixed Issue #
When accessing crew timecards on a mobile device, the multi-select Employee drop-down filter was not responding. 106389
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.11+.
Improved performance when submitting and approving crew timecards with 250 or more lines. 106121
In kiosk clock-in mode, on mobile devices left idle on the clock-in screen for four or more hours, the Next button became unavailable and users could not continue without refreshing the browser page. 102371