Issues Fixed in Field Management 2022 R10

The following issues were fixed in the Field Management R10 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Resolved issue for users who received the following error message when attempting to approve or deny time off, review changes in Personal Info, or view the Benefits Dashboard: Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property. 108927
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.8+.
When running a search in the Mail Log, if the user entered a date range that included over 1,000 emails in the results, the Date Added column did not sort results by the most recent date.
Note: Mail Log search results include a maximum of 1,000 of the most recent emails and messages based on the specified date range.
When logging in through single sign-on, users with expired passwords were receiving the password expiration notification. 109147
Users who completed the steps to reset their password via Need login help? > Request Password Reset, entered their new information, and selected Submit on the login page received no indication that their changes went through. Selecting Submit again locked them out. 109235
Resolved login timeout issues for some users at the end of a pay period after an update to version 22.8. 109350

Field Tickets

Issues Fixed Issue #
If the portal setting Enable Ticket Security was selected, approvers and users could not see their own tickets on the Field Ticket Dashboard. 108986
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.8+.
When approving a field ticket in Job Time Approval, field ticket attachment contents duplicated when the Field Ticket Attachment Type ID was not assigned. 108675

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
If a PO invoice with multiple PO Items and a Job Type attached to different General Ledger accounts was edited in the web portal, the incorrect GL would display in Vista AP Unapproved Invoice Entry. 108827
Purchase Order batches sent to Vista remained in batch status 4-Posting in Progress and displayed this error message: PO Items exists - Cannot delete PO Header (bPOHD) 108212
Attachments added to Purchase Order Requisitions were missing when a pending PO was created from the requisition. 108777
Purchase Order approvers (who were not admins) could not resubmit a pending PO after editing it. 108395
With Job Data Security Mode 2 or 3 enabled, the JCCo field was blank. 109317

Timecard Approval

Issues Fixed Issue #
With the portal setting Allow Employees to Unsubmit Their Own Timecard enabled, employees could unsubmit a timecard even after manger approval of the timecard. 108981


Issues Fixed Issue #
In the portal setting Begin date offset - how many days relative to the begin date of the pay period should the portal entry batch be created, if users entered a decimal value, it would not save. This portal setting now only accepts whole number values. 108935
On the Timecard Dashboard, Export Submitted Timecards displayed duplicate hours in the generated report. 109030
On the Timecard Dashboard, selecting Batch Action > Create Line From Clock-Ins does not populate the EMCo field from the Equipment Company set in the Employee record. 108772
Timecard Admins could not view or download processed or submitted timecards or timecard reports for terminated employees from the Timecard Dashboard. 109176
On the Timecard Time Worked grid, the hours subtotal did not match the hours on the Timecard lines generated from the Timeclock. 108904
Break hours were not deducted from timecard lines that were automatically generated when an employee clocked out. 108666
In Timecard > Job, the Job drop-down field is blank after a Timecard Manager unsubmits a timecard. 109006
Resolved the issue concerning amount-based SM grid timecard lines with equipment. 108650
Improved behavior for batch timecard move on lines with equipment attached to them. 109201
When moving timecard lines in Batch Timecard Move, field ticket information was being removed. 109276

Daily Reports [Legacy]

Issues Fixed Issue #
After submitting a Daily Report, edits to the email text did not save. The default message was submitted instead. 108639