Create a Purchase Order

Creating a Purchase Order begins with generating a header and then line types. When you submit a Purchase Order in the portal the PO is processed in Vista.

  1. Select Field Tools or Financial Controls > Purchasing > PO Dashboard.
  2. Select +New Item > New Purchase Order.
    Note: In Processed Purchase Orders, you can copy a PO header to create a new purchase order. Select More option > Copy PO Header.
  3. In the header, select the Company and enter the Description.
    Note: You will not be able to save your header until you have entered a description.
  4. If your PO needs to go through receiving, turn Receiving on. This may be defaulted on or off per your company’s preference.
  5. If all line items in the PO will be charged to a job, complete the Job field in the header. Leave this field blank, if you have multiple lines for different jobs in your PO.
  6. Select the vendor for your PO. The Vendor drop-down populates with the top 10 vendors used on processed POs. If your vendor is not in the drop-down, you can select the Globe icon to search your company’s AP Vendors.
  7. You may be required to select a vendor from the Vendor Payment Address Override dropdown field, if the advanced portal setting Display (and require) the Vendor Payment Address Override on Pending PO is enabled.
    Note: For the Vendor Payment Address Override dropdown to display, additional payment addresses must have an Address Type of 0 - Both or 1 - Payment in AP Vendors > Add'l Addresses. If the vendor does not have additional payment addresses, the Vendor Payment Address Override field will not display.
  8. Select Save Header. A PO number will be assigned, but the PO will not be submitted in Vista. After you save your PO, you will be able to add line items.
    • If you need to delete your header, select the down arrow next to the blue Save button and select Delete Header. If your PO has line items this will delete your whole PO.
  9. To select your line types, select the green drop-down. Required line type fields display in red.
  10. Select the More icon to Delete your line, Adjust Costs from the default on file for the selected material, Edit Notes, Edit Address, add Attachments, or Copy Item to a new line type.
  11. After you have entered all required information, scroll up and select the Save button.
  12. In the header, enter your PO number in the PO field, then select Assign PO.
  13. When you are finished with your PO, select Submit PO. This will process the PO in Vista.
    Note: You will not be able to modify the PO in the portal after this point, but you will be able to find the details and View Item Details and Print the PO under the Processed Purchase Orders on the PO Dashboard.
    Purchase Orders can be found in Vista in HQ Batch Control with an attached audit report. The Purchase Order Audit Report shows the company, month, and batch ID and provides information on the phases that were updated in the batch.