How Active Financial Controls Users are Counted

Active Financial Controls users have access to at least one module under Financial Controls or Purchase Orders, if you license the Purchase Orders module through Financial Controls, or have been assigned as AP Invoice Reviewers in the portal.

Watch how active Financial Controls users are counted.

Note: The Purchase Orders module can be used through a Financial Controls or a Field Management license. If you license Purchase Orders through Field Management, it does not count toward your Financial Controls licenses.

Find User Counts

If active user counts are higher than the number of licensed users, you can adjust user access to modules. The Portal Settings page (Admin > Portal Settings > Portal Info) shows a current count of active users. Users assigned to AP Invoice Review in the portal are included in the Financial Controls user count.

Review or Adjust User Counts for Financial Controls or Purchase Orders

To review or adjust Financial Controls or Purchase Order user counts, select Admin > User Access. Available modules:

  • Financial Controls: Open Billing Review, Billing Compiler, Billing Compiler - Next Gen, Progress Billing, or Check Review.
  • Purchase Orders: Create PO, PO Requisition, PO Receiving, Quick PO, Pending PO, or Create MO.
Employees who have a check box next to their name for at least one Financial Controls module or at least one Purchase Orders module (if you license Purchase Orders through Financial Controls) will be counted as active Financial Controls users. If the active user count is higher than you expect, you can deselect check boxes for employees who should not have access to a given module.

Manage AP Invoice Reviewer Counts

Users assigned to AP Invoice Review in the portal are included in the Financial Controls user count. AP can only be counted toward your total if you have enabled the module from the portal setting Enable AP Unapproved Invoice Review under Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration.
  • Access to the AP Invoice review module is not enabled from the portal. Instead, those assigned invoices in Vista will be able to see and approve their invoices from the portal. The count from AP is based on users who are in reviewer groups with invoices in the current month.
  • If you are using the Restrict AP Approvers in the Portal to only members of this Reviewer Group under Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration, your portal will only allow those within that HQ Reviewer group (created in Vista) to have access to AP in the portal, and, therefore, only those users can be counted.
    Note: The name and the casing of the HQ Reviewer Group entered in this portal setting MUST match.
  • Your HQ Reviewer may have more than one VA user assigned on the User Names tab. If this is the case, both users will be counted (two licenses for AP) as both users will be able to review in the portal.

Audit User Counts

For a full audit of who has access to modules, review the License Count Report. To generate this report, select Export License Report from the Portal Settings page (Admin > Portal Settings > Portal Info).