Vista Reports

With Vista Web Office Tools, you can easily access your Vista Crystal Reports on the web.

In Vista Web Office Tools, you will notice a View Reports button on each of the main Vista module pages (for example, Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable). You can select this button to open reports from your Vista database, modify any parameters as needed, and export the report as a .PDF file. Any custom reports and default parameters that you have set up in Crystal Reports are available in Vista Reports.

Note: Custom reports must be set up in Crystal Reports, as this is the only report type currently supported by the Vista Web portal. SSRS or other report types are not supported at this time.

You must be a licensed Vista Web Office Tools user to access Vista reports on the web. In addition, the reports available in Vista Web Office Tools retain security settings configured for a user in Vista.

Office Tools supports custom drill-down reports and Vista standard drill-down reports.

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