Share a Document

You can share documents with project contacts via email notification by going to Projects > Documents > Actions > Share.

In order to share a document with a contact, the contact must first have permission to view the document. For details on providing access to a document, see Set Access to a Folder.
  1. From the home page, under Projects, select the name of the project you want to open.
    Alternatively, go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Projects, and then select the name of the project you want to open.
    The Dashboard for the project appears.
  2. Select the Documents tab.
  3. Select the check box for the documents(s) you want to share.
  4. Click the Actions button , and then select Share.
    The Share Items window appears.
  5. Select the check box next to the name of a contact to add that person, or distribution group, to the recipients list. You can also click in the Search field and begin typing to filter the list of contacts.
    Optionally, to select all project contacts on the list, select Notify All Users.
    Note: Only contacts (individual or within a distribution group) with permissions to the location you are sharing from will receive a notification email that a document has been shared with them.
  6. (Optional) Add a comment to be included at the top of the email notification.
  7. Click Share.
Project contacts are notified via email that a document has been shared with them, and provided a hyperlink to all items included.
Tip: You can also share a link to a document by opening the document and selecting the share link option in the document viewer. That option provides a unique link to the document that you can paste into an email or message to share with other team members.