Issues Fixed in Vista Field Service 2021 R11

The following issues were fixed in the Vista Field Service R11 release.

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Close a Trip

Issues FixedIssue #
For transactions not in company 1, batches sent from Field Service to Vista were not posting automatically, instead showing a status of 3 for equipment and inventory and a status of 4 for purchase orders. 106181


Issues FixedIssue #
If a purchase order failed to save in Field Service, a PO header with no lines was created in Vista.105967

Work Order Dashboard / Work Orders

Issues FixedIssue #
Attachments that were opened in the web application could not be closed, forcing users to close the app and reopen it. 105729
Attachments added to a work order were not retained following the attachment upload. 106305
SM Job Cost Craft template overrides were not affecting rates.